Tuesday, July 16, 2013

So I'm finally getting back into the swing of things. It's taken us awhile, but we finally got the house all set up and organized. I was gone for a month because we had a lot of things to get done before the move, and I was too stressed to do too much. I started a new, painful, and tiring job at a factory. I knew I wasn't going to stay there long, but I got out sooner than expected. I was enjoying my 4th of July weekend with a full house of guests, then Binder Park Zoo called, and I started working there on the 8th. I absolutely love it. Every morning and every evening, I play with Raj, our 1-year old Snow Leopard.

He is adorable. He'll go to the back of his exhibit and watch me, then when I crouch, he crouches and runs to me, pounces on the window, and we take off running along the wall of his exhibit. It's definitely the best part of my day. The guests love watching us play, and I love making the kids happy.

Well, now that I've bragged about how cool my new job is, I guess it's time to brag about my new craft area! While I was setting it up, I've realized that it would not have been possible without my crafty grandmother. She has not only passed down her creativity to me, but she has also given me a new work desk, 2 4-cube storage units, and my wall shelves. She has tried giving me more, but I have a limited space to work with.

I'm thinking about painting my wall shelves white to match everything else, but it's not a top priority.
This is the left cube storage unit. I still have some empty space. I've never had empty space. 
This is the front facing side of the right cubic storage. Sorry for the blurry photo.

 On top of the desk I have my crocheting caddy. When I learn to knit, I'll have my knitting things in there, too. 

Underneath my work desk is where I keep all my tin cans that organize various other things. 
My blue and green footstool also opens up and is completely empty, which tempts me to go shopping. Everything that I used for organizing has been given to me or bought from thrift stores, garage sales, or the dollar store. The jars that hold my buttons were actually bought from Hobby Lobby, but they were only a dollar each. 
I am so excited to start working in my new space! I also have a few ideas to save even more space. 


  1. WOW! Glad you got your craft stuff organized so well! Great job!