Monday, May 6, 2013

I know, I know. Another button bracelet? I'm sorry, but I have hundreds of buttons, and I'm always buying more! My last button bracelet, the Navy Blue & White Button Bracelet, seemed to be a big hit. A lot of people liked it. Todays bracelet is a vintage style (Well, it looks sort of vintage to me) light pink and white button bracelet with a few antique-looking  metal buttons thrown in.

All you need for this sweet baby is some chain, buttons, jump rings, pliers, and an hour of your precious time. I use my jump ring opener every chance I get. It makes life so much easier. 
I added my first button at one end of the chain.
And on the other end:
I made a loop with chain. I've never done this before, but I kind of like it. You can easily change this to any sort of connecting findings that you want. 
Ta-da! Then I counted the links in the chain so I could make a pattern. 
This is how I started my pattern. I only had 6 of the round metal buttons, and I wanted them spaced evenly. 
After an hour, I finally finished. 
What do you guys think? I'm so excited that my pictures are looking better. I've learned that taking them outside in natural light does wonders. I also got a new iPhone. That helps, too!
On a side note:
We went up to Gladwin again last weekend. I can easily see it becoming a trip we make a couple times a month. When we left we stopped at this little gas station called Hunters Paradise. I found this gorgeous handmade necklace and had to have it. It was made by a lady called Dot, in some town I forgot the name of. 
Isn't it wonderful!?
She had a lot more being sold there, but this was the most colorful one!
On another side note:
Laura, from TheExperimentalHome nominated this little'o'blog for the Liebster Award! I'm so excited! I have to prepare a post where I explain what it is, what the rules are, answer some questions, ask some questions, and nominate other blogs! So swing by Lauras blog, check her out, and make sure to come back in a couple days to see more about the Liebster Award!
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