Monday, November 10, 2014

Here's a look into the First few pages of my sons baby album. Scrapbooking in general is new to me, but Project Life makes it so fun!

Design Q

This is the first page in the book. I used the Turquois Edition and Baby Edition for Him cards, along with some of my own scrapbook paper, I got a copy of his announcement in the paper, and if you pull out the card, the information that was underneath his picture, is folded under. 
Design Q
This is the Left side of the spread about the pregnancy. A couple of belly pictures, but mostly ultrasounds, including the one showing that he is a boy!
Design K
The right side has more ultrasounds: a side view, his feet, a 3D ultrasound, and then the very first ultrasound with his heartbeat. I have a picture of his dad when he was younger, and I want to find a picture of me around that same age. I have a "How we found out you were on your way" card, and a "feeling you move" card.  
Design K; Left Side
This is the baby shower, and the funniest thing about the baby shower. My mom took the photos with a phone, so I didn't have a lot to work with. 
Design R; Right Side
This has Urijahs birth story, how we prepared for him, and how we chose his name. I just printed out his story on scrapbook paper, cut it apart, and slipped it inside.
Design R; Left Side
Here is his arrival! This (at the time) was my favorite page to do! I think this was the first one I did. I was so excited to get his baby album going. All my favorite pictures from that first hour after he was born. Happy Fathers Day!
Design M; Right Side
This page shows everybody that visited him, and has a story about his great grandpa getting in trouble with his great grandma for not bringing her.
Design M; Left Side
More pictures from his first hours. I was not able to see his first bath, and his godmother (pictured above) has not filled it in yet. 
Design M; Right Side
The day we brought him home! I have his hospital bracelet, what he wore, and what we drove. 
Desgin M; Left Side
Pictures from his first month home, and my favorite ones. Meeting his uncle and 2 of his grandpas.
Design O; Right Side
This is that last page for his "Before 1 Month Old Section" All the cutest photos we took of him. 

That is all I have for now! This is the first scrapbooking of any sort I have ever done. I love it and I'm addicted. I'm using shutterfly, and getting a Canon Selphy for the photos that I miss. 
Happy Crafting!
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