Monday, April 1, 2013

Last Friday, I went up north with Brandon to see his father, who he hasn't seen in over 5 years. It was a great day to drive. I absolutely loved taking pictures of the sky, even though half of them didn't save to my phone. 

We went through Grand Ledge, Alma, and St. Louis (which is the middle of the mitt) on our way to Gladwin, MI. Then when we turned onto his dads road 3 1/2 hours later, there were signs with last names of the families living there. His dads name wasn't on there, so that's going to be a fun project for me to bring up the next time we visit. 
On Saturday the family went to go see a newborn baby, but I was sick so Brandon and I went into Houghton Lake to check out Arnie's Arts & Crafts.
It's a great store! A little expensive for me, but then again, I rarely buy anything that isn't on sale. When you walk in, there's all sorts of paint, basket weaving supplies, scrapbooking, beads, and more. Then there's a gift shop you can walk through to get to the custom embroidery area, then there's another gift shop. It's huge inside, but I ended  up only buying buttons. They had a giant box of buttons, and they sold for $1.49 per bucket. and I'd say the buckets were at least 4 oz, maybe 6 oz. Either way, I got 2 buckets and way more buttons than I got in the 4oz bag of buttons I bought from Meijers  awhile ago. 

Then we went to a Native American shop called Zublers, where Brandon got an Opalite ring for me.
Then we went to a thrift store where I found some gorgeous hair clips. I love peacocks so I got 2 of them, then a 3rd random one so I could get the sale. 

Then we went back to his dads house, and they got me chips and salsa and I sat down to work on a chain flower bracelet. 

I found out that these people don't throw anything away. They save things in case someone might need them, and they saved a bunch of incense cases that are perfect for storing beads and buttons, and other tiny things. 
I sat there for a couple hours sorting out jump rings, beads, and the buttons I got from Arnie's.

Sunday after Easter dinner, we followed the GPS to get home, and ended up stranded in the woods. After ten miles, the engine got hydrolocked, then I had to wait for Brandon to fix it. We had no service and I was freaking out. 

This is how it looked outside the car for about an hour. I was so happy to see pavement. It was a good trip, and a lot of fun. I was actually sad to leave. We will be going back soon I hope. 
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