Friday, March 22, 2013

A couple days ago, I posted this picture in a few communities I'm in, asking for ideas and how to use the beads.  
My boyfriend picked them out, and I love the colors. I got some great ideas and decided to try a 4-layer necklace (since I'm still practicing making them). 

My mom got me a whole bunch of charms and pendants for Christmas that I still haven't used, and this Dragonfly pendant is too cute. 
Here are some more pictures of the necklace.

I know the green bead and blue bead aren't even. I'm trying to figure out how to fix that without taking it all apart. 

I wanted to save some for matching accessories, and I started making a chunky charm bracelet to match. 
I had no idea how time consuming making charms are. I worked for about 2 hours, and only made about 30. 
I'm putting 2 on each link, a long one, then a shorter one on the other side, and switching sides to try to make it even all throughout. 

And this is where I'm at now:
Those are the only pliers I have. I'm missing 4 because my little brother doesn't know the difference between "Girl Tools" and "Boy Tools", even if they are pink and purple. 

*Also, I'm going to be trying out this whole linky-party thing with this post! Yay! I'm starting off with these 2*


  1. I love this! I make some jewelry, too, but I've never ventured out to using actual beads (I make t-shirt jewelry mostly). You've inspired me to try sometime, though!

  2. Love the of my favorite combinations!

  3. They are so pretty! The colors are very refreshing to the eye and complement the dragonfly pendant as it symbolizes nature and positive energy. Anyway, I enjoyed reading most of your post! I hope you could share more tips and tutorials on making pieces of jewelry such as Chinese charm bracelets if you have.

    -->Idaline Cirillo<--

  4. Your boyfriend was kind enough to buy you all those fantastic beads and I can see that you've done a great job in making them into jewelries. It's easy to buy the fancy jewelry in the market but it's more satisfying to use your homemade ones. I can see that you've made a lot of very unique pieces, and I think you can earn big should you decide to sell some of them. :)