Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I have not posted in about a week! I'm not following my blogging schedule at all. Hopefully I'll get back on track soon. We spent the weekend in Gladwin with no internet. Brandons step mom took me shopping at Arnies. I keep telling her I'm going to make her a necklace like the one here but I kept forgetting to buy the beads, so she did. I also got some more buttons, and I found a great way to organize them that I can't wait to share. I love going to Gladwin because there's a lot of inspiration. I also got a really cute white tubetop that I took to Arnies to get a transfer of a family of frogs put on it. Saturday night I won some money playing bingo. Definitely a good first bingo experience. We had a bonfire, s'mores, pizza, and the next day we went fishing. I'm also getting things ready to start my new job at the casino. This is the longest employment process ever! I'm still not done. I also learned to crochet a granny square, so I'll be working on my first blanket (Yay!) I got so much more to do tomorrow, and we'll be getting our new house soon, so I'll be swamped with stuff again! I'll try to update as much as I can (I should have a new post up Wed. or Thurs.)

Keep Smiling. Stay Creative. Get Crafty.


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