Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A couple weeks ago, I got a bunch of PL stuff from Amazon. I gave you an inside look earlier at Cobalt Edition, and here is an inside look at Jade Edition! Up next will be Amber Edition. 
Here are your 4x6 first page and last page cards.
4x6 Bifold journaling cards
More 4x6 journaling cards
...and even more 4x6 bifold cards.
Here are some of the title cards. Same design on both sides, cna be used horizontal or vertical
More title cards...
... and the rest of the title cards. And below are all of the 3x4 cards, starting with the 8 first/last page cards.

Personally, I don't care too much for the colors; they're just a tad bit too dull for my tastes. I like a few of the cards, and the rest will most likely get a lot of altering done. If you would like this core kit, you can purchase Jade Edition on Amazon for 30% off right now. (I got mine for $17).


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