Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hey everyone! I'm back with another Closer Look post. This is Favorite Things Edition, and currently, it is my favorite one.
These are the 8 6x4 first and last page cards.
Some of the bi-fold journaling cards.
And more...
And the last ones.
Title Cards
Title Cards
Title Cards
There are a lot of designs for the double sided 3x4 cards!

Thats 50 different cards, with 100 designs!

Last, but not least, these are the 8 3x4 first and last page filler cards!

If you like this edition as much as I do, you wont want to miss Project Life Monday tomorrow! I will be giving away 100 3x4 double-sided cards. That's everything you see below:
You will get 2 of each double sided card I showed you pictures of. (Basically, all the cards in the pictures of the 3x4 double-sided cards). 
Project Life Monday will go live sometime tomorrow. Be sure to come back and enter the giveaway!


  1. When I was buying my core kit it was a toss up between this one and the Dreamy Edition that I ended up going home with. I love them both!

    1. I'm getting Dreamy Edition soon! I have 5 more kits I want before I'm done.