Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year everyone! I spent mine sleeping, but my fiancé did come wake me up with a midnight kiss. Since I only started Project Life in June of 2014, I've decided to make a list of goals for PL, this blog, and my creativity. I got this idea from Kellie over at GiveAGirlABlog (her list is so much more interesting and detailed than mine is). I'll keep it updated with when I accomplish these goals also, so here we go.

Wrap up Urijahs PL after his first birthday. I'm still unsure about this. I might end it I document his first birthday, or I might keep going until I fill up the 12x12 album. When I first started, I thought, I'll just do one album for his first 5 years! Then I started, and he's got a bazillion pages already and he's only 6 months old. I had no idea what I was getting into. If I continue his book past 1 year, I'm gonna try to switch to one spread a month, with extra spreads as I need them for big events. Maybe I can do an album for every 2-3 years.

Start a yearly family album. I would also make this a 12x12 album, but it would require my fiancé to smile for pictures and learn to take pictures. Even when smartphones do everything, and the subjects are perfectly still, he manages a blurry picture. He just doesn't have the required 2 - second patience needed for smartphone cameras.  But I would still like to document our life as a family.

Start a mini album for my creativityI love photographing things I do that nobody but myself is proud of. Like organizing, cleaning, and little things I get excited over. I'll also keep pictures of my projects. I want this one to be weekly, that way I have to do something almost daily, and don't lose touch with the inner me. I get caught up in the business of everyday life.

Wait for the PL app to come out for android. This is probably the most exciting thing thats going to happen this year. I've been waiting so patiently. 

Finish the blanket I started almost 2 years ago. That's right, I started this blanket 2 years ago, and never finished it. I wanted to learn to crochet, I did, and this is how far I got.  I loved it, it just got repetitive. But now I think I'm gonna spend more time on it. I'd love to learn more techniques this year.

Keep this blog updated. I want to go at least a whole year of consistency. I might have to write a couple posts in one night and just schedule them to post automatically, but I'm going to keep on it. I'm hoping that keeping up with Project Life will help me keep up with my blog and vice-versa.

Keep up with my other crafts. I started crafting when I was very young. I made all sorts of jewelry. Now I have a huge collection of art and craft supplies, but I focus mostly on art journaling and PL. I hope to make more time for my other crafts also.

What are your plans for 2015? I'd love to hear them!


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