Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I was inspired by a DIY Wrap Bracelet tutorial I StumbledUpon. Hobby Lobby happened to be having a sale today that included 50% of stickers and jewelry supplies. I gave myself a $20 limit and went shopping. I got stickers, ribbon, beads, ball chain, and leather cord.

I used the ball chain, leather cord, and some beads & embroidery floss I had at home to make an altered version of the bracelet in that DIY. I didn't read that the chain was only 4-inch pieces, so that's how it came to be an altered version.
I was going to take pictures of each step and perhaps make my own tutorial, but I was cooking dinner and cleaning among other things. I forgot to take a picture at each step. Pictured above, I just made a loop with the leather, started wrapping it with embroidery thread, well, knotting it actually, just a basic forward knot. Added a bead that fit, did a few more knots, and added another.
Using the same knot, I added the ball chain, placing each knot between the balls. Eventually, I flattened it out so the balls were on one side of the cord, and the knots were on the other side.
Then I finished it with a smaller loop, added some chain just in case, and then used a sparrow charm to hook it.
I love it! I am going to make more in other colors tomorrow!

Everything used was purchased in Hobby Lobby at some point, except for the 6 pink beads. Those came from WalMart.


  1. You got some truly cool stuff for $20! Your bracelet is so sweet! Thanks for sharing. :)