Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I really need to start cracking down on going through my pinterest pins and learning how to make some of the projects I keep telling myself I'll make someday. I've been wanting to start using my ribbon for projects, and came across this gorgeous New Twist on Pretty Ribbon Hair Bows post at TheFrugalGirls. I tried recreating it, and the first one didn't turn out right. I don't know if it's because I used ribbon scraps that were all bunched up and misshapen, or if they were too short.
If you press it flat, it looks a lot better, so I have books on top of it weighing it down right now. Then I used the lengths that were recommended, ribbon on a spool, and got much better results.I wrapped an alligator clip in ribbon, and glued it to the back.
I still think I need to expand my ribbon collection. I'm not used to working with anything outside of the jewelry department, so I need to get practice.


  1. collection are beautiful