Friday, March 8, 2013

After buying about 10 packages of beads from Hobby Lobby, I decided I had way too many seed beads, and needed a quick way to use them. I saw this amazing tutorial for a gorgeous bracelet, but I don't have everything I need, so I can't do it right now. Instead I started making hemp bracelets to help use up my beads. They are so quick and easy, I've been making them pretty much all week.

Hopefully I'll get the beads for the other bracelet I want to make soon. Does anybody have any tutorials to share that use up a lot of beads? I have 8, 20-compartment containers FULL of beads. I have even more in season jars, and more containers of beads still unpacked!


  1. Your bracelets are soooo pretty! I love how you combine the colors and various sizes of beads. The toggle clasp is a nice touch. One way to use up a lot of beads is to make a very long necklace on one continuous string. Think of it as an infinity necklace that you simply loop over your head several times so that it looks like you have a multi-strand necklace. I hope this helps!